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Marijuana Use in Seattle Washington

Marijuana use in Seattle WA is regulated by Washington state laws, which make marijuana cultivation and possession legal if the person has obtained valid documentation from a qualified physician proving that he or she is suffering from a medical condition which can be alleviated through marijuana consumption. Washington is among the most liberal states when it comes to marijuana use because, besides valid medical documentation, no official registration is required for medical marijuana users, which creates a potential for abuse, excessive cultivation and selling of marijuana.

Legal Regulations For Marijuana Use In Seattle WA

Since 1998, state authorities allow the cultivation and possession of marijuana for medical purposes for people who suffer from debilitating diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, cachexia, multiple sclerosis or severe pain syndrome within legal limits. For these categories of people, medical researchers have concluded that the benefits of marijuana use in Seattle WA, which may involve pain relief, lowering of intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients or stimulation of appetite for cachexia sufferers, are greater than the risks associated with potential abuse or addiction.

The official limit for marijuana possession and cultivation in Washington is 24 ounces of ready-to-use marijuana and up to 15 plants, which translates into about a 60-day supply. Exceeding this limit, or the buying or selling of marijuana is a punishable crime in Washington. However, marijuana use in Seattle WA, selling or possession by people who have no valid medical documentation is a low-priority criminal activity for law enforcement, which means that it is unlikely that abusers will be arrested and prosecuted. Moreover, as of 2010, the City of Seattle no longer prosecutes marijuana use in Seattle WA that exceeds the approved limits or without valid documentation, as stated by the city attorney.

Marijuana Use In Seattle WA Involves Comparing The Risks And Benefits

Although it is true that marijuana has a low potential for addiction and abuse when compared to other drugs such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and even legal substances such as alcohol or tobacco, it can be abused by certain susceptible individuals. For example, excessive marijuana use has been associated with a higher risk of schizophrenia and delusions. People who are susceptible to hallucinations may aggravate their condition by consuming marijuana. Also, marijuana discontinuation can sometimes cause withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, agitation, high blood pressure or insomnia, although marijuana withdrawal is significantly less severe than withdrawal syndromes from other drugs or nicotine.

Illegal marijuana use in Seattle WA is more dangerous for children and teens than it is for adults. Marijuana consumption itself rarely leads to life-threatening situations, addiction or abuse, and it causes no toxic effects. However, marijuana consumption can provoke teens or young people to try "stronger" drugs, which creates substantial addiction potential and may threaten their health and future. It is recommended that teens and youth who are using marijuana on a regular basis can benefit from counseling and even treatment for their addiction to avoid the transition to other drugs and improve their social functioning.

Marijuana use in Seattle WA is very liberal compared to other regions in the United States, and substantial risk of abuse and addiction does exist, especially among teens and young adults. Excessive marijuana consumption may lead to a dangerous transition to other drugs, which means that marijuana abuse, even though not dangerous itself, should be effectively treated through counseling, psychotherapy and management of withdrawal symptoms.



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