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Tacoma Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as meth, crystal meth, or crystal, is a highly addictive drug with dangerous effects. It was originally created and approved by the FDA to assist obese individuals with weight control, as it works as an appetite suppressant, and individuals with ADHD. Street meth is usually not prescription grade. Created in makeshift laboratories, commonly referred to as meth labs, it contains dangerous chemicals including antifreeze, battery acid, and drain cleaner.

Meth addiction is prevalent in Tacoma. 92.3% of Washington law enforcement agencies report that methamphetamine is one of the biggest threats as far as street drugs, and Washington has two times the amount of meth labs in the state when compared to Oregon, and triple the amount when compared to Alaska and Idaho. On Sept 29, 2012, criminal justice officials, prevention specialists, and various drug treatment providers gathered in the city for a two-day summit called "The Parade of Transformation" in order to gather collectively and hear from 22 different speakers on the meth epidemic.

Methamphetamine Physical and Side Effects

The physical effects of meth are a feeling of euphoria, alertness, and the feeling of being invincible. Meth is smoked, snorted, or injected, and many users will combine meth with other stimulants including cocaine or crack. Due to the fact that the user is experiencing feelings of high energy and stamina, they may push their body to the limit as well as stay up for days at a time. The user may also experience feelings of extreme paranoia. They may feel like their homes are surrounded by police and law enforcement agencies, and they may become agressive with anyone that crosses their path, sensing that they are surrounded by enemies. Many meth users remain locked up in their homes for days at a time when they are on a binge, and feelings alternate between elation and paranoia. Once the body can no longer take the physical abuse, hallucinations from sleeplessness combined with the meth chemicals may occur, and the user will experience what is known as "the crash." The crash consists of both physical and mental breakdown, and once the user has finally fallen asleep, they may sleep for days. Side effects that directly affect the body of a meth user can literally completely change their appearance. The chemicals in meth are extremely harsh, and they can cause what is known as "meth mouth," which is a combination of gum disease and rotted teeth. Meth addicts tend to scratch their skin and pick at imaginary bumps or pimples on their face when they are on a binge, and this can lead to scratches, cuts, and scarring. Meth can also cause long-term kidney and liver damage, damaged blood vessels that can lead to stroke, and death.

Treatment for Meth Addiction

Meth addiction can be properly treated, and there are Tacoma treatment facilities with experienced counselors and professional medical staff that can assist addicts with their recovery. The Sea-Mar Community Health Clinic offers a 30-day inpatient program for adults where they are treated and monitored for their addictions. Once the program is complete, it is important for the individuals to stay in recovery, and this means taking part in 12-step meetings and taking each day a step at a time. The need for recovery must be greater than the need for the drug, and by taking the proper steps and wanting the recovery process to work, the chance at a successful recovery and drug-free future is great.



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